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Welcome to Wingspread Cottages

Our cottages are five minutes from the Cavendish tourist hub and yet they give you a very quite and relaxing experience with lots of green space. You will see Prince Edward Island’s authentic countryside as you drive over rolling hills and pass farmlands.

Each of our four cottages have a unique theme that is related to our life experience. Timea is from Hungary, so cottage #1 is called the ‘Blue Danube’. John lived 8 years in the Philippine Islands, that is why cottage #2 is called ‘Pearl of the Orient’. John and Timea met in Dublin, Ireland, therefore cottage #3 is called ‘Emerald Isle’. The first 9 years of our married life we spent in Canada’s North, so we named cottage #4 ‘Red Maple’.  The colour schemes and decorations reflect the names of the cottages.

Each of the cottages has two bedrooms, a kitchen, living area and washroom.  The first bedroom has a double bed.  The second bedroom has two single beds.  Each cottage has a living area with a pull out couch that can sleep 2.  The kitchen is fully equipped.  The washroom has hair dryer and a bath equipped with a shower.   Each cottage has a flat screen TV with satellite channels and WIFI.

Wingspread Cottages is located by the Andersons Creek Golf Course, close to the Cavendish tourist attractions and Anne of Green Gables attractions.  A quiet country location but within a short drive to so many attractions.